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About Cincy Live

Cincy.Live is brought to you by the same team that brings you Cincy Magazine. Our publications offers a blend of arts, business, and culture in the Tristate. Cincy Magazine’s publications reach upscale, affluent and educated readers throughout the Tristate.

Cincy Magazine has hosted, sponsored and promoted countless special events across the area. Through Cincy.Live we are expanding our community outreach. You already trust the Cincy Magazine team to provide you with a monthly calendar; now, you can rely on us for simple, secure and convenient ticketing purchases.

Our goal is to host tickets for all organizations, from small charity groups, artists and entrepreneurs to the region’s largest festivals, concerts and playhouses. So, no matter what you’re interested in attending—cooking lessons, networking lunches, concerts, fundraisers, food and wine festivals and so much more—we’ve got you covered.

We are here to provide seamless customer service and give your company the marketing push it needs for events to succeed.

Any organization can sell tickets on Cincy.Live. Contact [email protected] to get started!