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Southwest Ohio Leadership -- Think Regional! is an outgrowth of the Southwest Ohio Leadership (SWOL) Regional Issues Day that was initiated in 2006 through the efforts of Leadership Clinton, Leadership Highland and Leadership Warren County. Our annual summits draw leaders from business, non-profit, community service volunteers, concerned citizens and elected officials from across the 15 counties of Southwest Ohio to collaborate on ways to better improve economic and job growth and the quality of life across our region. Think Regional believes that the 15-county Southwest Ohio Region will benefit from ongoing discussion, focused group discussions and action plans to achieve more collaboration in various arenas. These community leaders are committed to helping foster regional discussions, contributing both time and energy to the effort. Think Regional! is all about facilitating and accelerating the development of a thriving community in the 15 counties* making up South West Ohio, integrating the growth of Cincinnati and Dayton as commercial centers providing a high quality of diverse economic, social and educational opportunities.

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